YCF 2023 Exits seen from both sides – 15th September 2023

YCF’s conferences take a broad theme that gives a variety of speakers the opportunity to set out their own knowledge or experience in different ways.

All young companies taking equity investment from business angels or institutional investors (venture capital, private equity, corporate VC) need to recognise that the investors will at some point need to exit the business, to recoup their investment and hopefully make a profit. This can be by means of a trade sale, or less likely by an IPO on a stock exchange. This year’s conference aims to examine the judgments involved in all aspects of exits; how they are addressed at the time of first investment, how companies and their investors work together towards a satisfactory outcome, and what an exit by the investors means for the company’s founders and employees.

We will have presentations by investors (business angels and VCs), young companies at start-up stage, entrepreneurs who have successfully taken their companies to exit and beyond, and a summary of exits across the UK and USA to illustrate norms and trends.

Our speakers will be highlighting the main exit issues to be considered in the context of a company’s lifetime success, and how they can be balanced to achieve an optimum outcome for both sides.

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