Online – How to use technology to communicate more effectively in the work

To help your business navigate the challenges ahead and manage change, consider how you might equip your employees with the virtual tools and guidance they need to remain motivated and healthy in the workforce.

Join us for this interactive online workshop for expert tips and advice.

Learn how to:

  • Create a workspace in which people can continue to work productively as well as communicate effectively
  • Develop a culture that puts health and wellbeing first and allows employees the flexibility to deliver at work during challenging circumstances
  • Foster a sense of working together and encourage open innovation by using technology effectively
  • Successfully navigate and integrate appropriate IT solutions to allow employees to stay connected

Gather insights from case studies of what other companies have done with their space. We’ll also discuss how working environments can affect how you work day to day. We’ll also explore some online tools businesses are using which are having a huge impact on how they operate and creating the right culture for your business.

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