Future Business Forum | September & October 2021 | Online Course

Future Business Forum is an online course for FinTech and financial service leaders to drive innovation in your organisations, become better leaders and prepare for a rapidly changing future.

The 4-week cohort based programme will cover 4 core modules:

  • Generational trends & consumer behaviour
  • Developing responsible leaders and inclusive cultures
  • Fostering innovation and leading complex change
  • Accountability and action plans (optional)

The programme is designed to help leaders and their teams accelerate innovation, drive transformation and lead with purpose. Together the cohort will learn how to:

  • Navigate the complexity of changing business environments from cultural, social and leadership trends.
  • Explore disruptive technologies and strategies, with expert guidance, peer support and practical resources.
  • Transform their business to suit shifting generational habits and consumer behaviours.

Registrations for Future Business Forum 2021 are open now!  

There are limited spaces on the course so head to the website to reserve your spot today!

For more information and to register please visit www.future-business-forum.com