The Saltire Fellowship- Scotland’s world class, executive leadership development programme

As highlighted in the latest CEO survey, 90% of UK top bosses are predicting growth this year. They are looking to expand and develop their workforces but they’re worried about getting the skills they’ll need to drive future growth.

The Saltire Fellowship Programme is Scotland’s answer to this challenge.
Designed for Scotland’s most talented and ambitious individuals, the Saltire Fellowship provides an exceptional learning experience through which they can develop their leadership skills and a global mindset to help accelerate the growth of businesses and gain competitive advantage.

Through the Saltire Fellowship programme, Fellows will develop skills in value selling, product innovation, operations, finance, and leadership. In addition to these “hard” skills, the Fellowship will help them to appreciate the need for a high level of strategic alignment across company functions, challenge them to “think big” about new business opportunities, and help them to recognise the value of effective networking.

What makes the Saltire Fellowship unique is the opportunity for Fellows to spend time with our partners at Babson College in Boston Massachusetts, (the world leader in entrepreneurship education for 24 consecutive years) and at the Strathclyde Business School, named UK Business University of the Year in 2016. The programme is led by professors who are successful entrepreneurs- people who understand the needs of businesses and the challenges of operating in highly competitive environments.

The Fellowship has a company project element, which runs throughout the programme where companies can not only develop and/or assess talent; they also get a real output through the project.
• Where companies have the gap, the Saltire Programme team finds the candidate, make the match and helps define the project that they undertake.
• Where companies want to fast track their talent, our team will assess them, tailor the learning to the company’s needs and provide the acceleration in the development required.

In addition, the senior team in your company can also engage in the programme directly by visiting Babson and experiencing the development first hand.

To find out how we can work with you and your organisation get in touch with us by emailing