Par Equity Forges Partnership With The Experience Bank Group

Par Equity and the Experience Bank Group have created a new partnership to back the region’s most ambitious entrepreneurs with a powerful network of advisers and investors.

As part of its bid to build world class companies in the North of the UK, Par Equity works with the brightest talent in the country to innovate and disrupt their sectors, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Par uses a select group of head headhunters across the UK, building out its expansive advisory base. In the North East of England, Peter Neal from the Experience Bank Group, will work with Par and its portfolio to attract a talent pool of highly experienced business leaders.

For each potential investment opportunity, Par will tap into this talent pool for specific industry and technology domain expertise to aid its due diligence and bring additional insight to the deal. If the investment goes ahead, the candidates can then be drafted into these high growth companies in an advisory or non-executive position.

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