EIE 2020 – 14th October 2020

Powered by Informatics Ventures, Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) is the international flagship event for Data Driven Innovation, attracting world class investors to the heart of the aspirational Data Driven capital of Europe. Home to Skyscanner and Fanduel, Edinburgh is now the UK’s largest hub for data-centric tech start-up and spin-out companies outside London, ahead of Oxford and Cambridge. EIE occupies a unique place in the Data Driven technology ecosystem in Scotland and its reputation for excellence spreads far beyond.

Since inception in 2008, companies who have participated in EIE have gone on to raise in excess of £700million, from seed through to Series A and later stage funding, view some of our successes here: https://www.eie-invest.com/timeline-of-success/

Why not some along to our inaugural virtual event on 14 October 2020 to see the data-driven start-ups of the future? REGISTER NOW