LINC Scotland celebrates 20th anniversary

LINC Scotland celebrate 20 years of angel investment in Scotland with a special anniversary dinner and review publication that documents the success of the association’s reach both at home and abroad.

Since 1993, LINC Scotland has played a pivotal role in developing a business angel market that delivers the best investment performance per head of population than anywhere else in the world other than in several hot spots in the United States.  In 2012 LINC Scotland generated a total of over £35m in deals and its business model has inspired the set up of other angel organisations around the world from Australia and New Zealand to Russia and China.

David Grahame, chief executive of LINC Scotland, says the performance of Scottish angel investment groups has remained steady despite the recession for a number of reasons.  “We are fortunate that unlike many countries that may have just one or two key pieces of the angel investment jigsaw, we have all three in Scotland: tax incentives from the UK government, access to co-investment through Scottish Enterprise’s Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) and channels to get the money out there through our angel groups.

“The partnership with SIB has been a huge success story with the co-investment fund enabling us to lever more private sector investment than anticipated.  We’re looking forward to maintaining this momentum to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth, in congratulating LINC Scotland on successfully laying the foundations for one of the most developed business angel markets in Europe, said it was important to capitalise on this success.  “We wish to strengthen the role of the Scottish Investment Bank to offer additional support by exploring new and innovative capital resources in Scotland, the UK and across Europe.  In taking this work forward, we will work with all our stakeholders, including LINC Scotland, to ensure that Scotland continues to be one of the best places to invest in innovative early stage technology-based high-growth businesses.”

The 20th anniversary dinner at the Royal College of Physicians will be attended by two key figures from the US Angel Capital Association’s policy and research arm, the Angel Resource Institute, chairman Michael Cain and Professor Rob Wiltbank who will give the after dinner speech.

To read the 20th Anniversary review please click HERE.