Series 1 – Developing Yourself to Lead Well with a Strategic Focus on Building Value – 20th April

For Founders, CEOs, Founding Teams with participation from Investor Directors

These workshops are specifically designed for invested companies to develop their leadership capabilities and understanding, develop a growth mindset and engage with others to set their companies to successfully create wealth. They focus on establishing an understanding of themselves as leaders and the impact they have on their business, the benefits to growth of establishing a clear vision early, along with core values, a high performing culture, strong board and good investor relations to ensure a focus on building value.

The workshops are designed to be informative, engaging, and action orientated, taking a coaching approach, encouraging peer learning, sharing of experiences and the development of trust and understanding, within each cohort which can continue as a strong peer network post programme.

Participants will be encouraged to build a development plan for the series, ideally with input from their board and team, with between 2 and 3 personal and 2 and 3 business objectives. To support this they will be encouraged to decide key action points to deploy within their own business, at the end of each workshop to ensure the learning is put into practice in their business.

Workshop 1 – Thursday 20th April 9.30am – 5pm Central Edinburgh – Venue TBC

Setting your Leadership Journey Up for Success

Leading Vision, Values and Culture


  • Getting to know and understand yourself and your values as a leader
  • Identifying your key strengths and who you need to surround yourself with
  • Developing strategic leadership skills and business confidence
  • Defining your role as a leader
  • Understanding and engaging with your investors
  • Building an effective board
  • An understanding of different styles of leadership, emotional intelligence and the impacts of these
  • Balancing entrepreneurial strengths and ability with leadership skills and abilities
  • How to articulate and bring your Vision and Values to Life
  • Understanding a high performance values based culture


Workshop 2 – Wednesday 17th May 9.00am – 1.00pm, Central Edinburgh – Venue TBC

Leading Yourself Well


  • Understanding the Challenges to being a leader and how to overcome these.
  • Defining your key purpose and area of focus
  • Urgent v Important
  • Effectively prioritising and leading yourself
  • Effective delegation and avoiding the monkeys
  • Developing your future role for growth

Workshop 3 – Tuesday 27th June 9.00am – 1.00pm, Central Edinburgh – Venue TBC

Engaging with Others Well


  • Recognising and developing potential
  • Good feedback and difficult conversations
  • Developing listening , questioning and coaching skills
  • Embracing constructive challenge in the boardroom
  • Embedding your values and culture

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