Mint Ventures : Inspiring Women Webinar – 30th March 2022

Inspiring Women webinars will give you a first-hand insight into investing from both an angel and entrepreneur point of view.

At this webinar our prestigious business angel is Mary McKenna.

Mary is a Northern Irish serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor. She co-founded successful Irish online learning company Learning Pool which is based in Derry.

Since selling Learning Pool Mary has worked extensively with early stage start-ups and scaleups across the entire European start-up ecosystem and especially with female and first time entrepreneurs. She has angel invested in 21 early stage start-ups to date, most (but not all) of them technology businesses.

Danae Shell, co-founder and CEO of Valla, will also join this webinar.

Danae Shell is the co-founder and CEO of Valla, a startup who are making legal support accessible and affordable for everyone. Danae is a developer-turned marketer and a Tennessean who has worked in Scotland’s startup scene for over 17 years. She has extensive scale-up experience, joining as an early employee in Scottish startups FreeAgent and Care Sourcer and helping to build and scale their marketing teams. Danae is passionate about building inclusive, kind companies that support high-performing teams.

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