Leadership for Effective Exit through Quality Coaching and Conversations – 26th April 2017

Developing Leadership through Effective Coaching and Conversations to Build Value and Focus on Exit

For Investor Directors, NXDs and Chairs

The role of non-executive directors in supporting out with the boardroom is often more critical to the success of the business than the role within the boardroom. Having set the journey up for success and built a strong board delivery is crucial. This interactive workshop is designed to support non-executive directors to build a coaching approach to interactions building trust and stronger working relationships earlier. It will develop skills and tools to be able to engage in effective coaching conversations with founding teams to support their leadership development and ability to deliver. It also aims to support in enabling participants to identify potential issues earlier, see these from the perspective of the founding team and work with them to resolve these more easily and effectively to reduce later difficulties and build as opposed to erode value.

Key Outcomes

  • To develop coaching skills for a coaching approach
  • To identify and address issues early
  • To develop an understanding of your impact as an investor or non-executive director
  • To hold effective conversations and make difficult conversations less difficult
  • To embrace challenge and positive conflict

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