Critical Interventions – Time for Turnaround or Lights Out – 30th March 2017

For Investor Directors, Chairs and NXDs

John Huston of OhioTech angels has identified 10 types of exit. Number 1 is a “Grand Slam Homerun 10X”. “Just” losing your investment is number 7. Investors falling to number 10 “Angel Hell” lose not only their investment, but also a considerable amount of their time and more money sorting out the mess, negative media coverage, a tarnished reputation, and damaged relationships with co-investors .This workshop aims to arm investor directors and board members with the skills and ability to anticipate and handle the business critical situations that will occur during the investment journey from running out of cash to calling time out on the business as a whole and how to do this effectively while maintaining the reputations of all involved.

Key Outcomes

  • Setting up early warning systems to monitor and report to the board.
  • Who to prioritise when cash is tight or running out
  • Board responsibilities and liabilities in a crisis
  • How and when to call time out
  • Turn out the lights – maintaining investor and founder reputations


Nelson an Angel investor for 20 years is a member of groups in Scotland and the USA. Presently with 16 live investments (9 in the US, 7 in the UK) 8 winners and a bunch of “learning experiences”. A director of LINC Scotland, a trustee of the USA based Angel Resource Institute, a charitable organisation devoted to providing education and information on best practices on angel investing and a former Vice President of EBAN, the European Trade Association for Business Angels, Nelson is recognised internationally as a “thought leader”. He has provided advice to Angel investors, government and entrepreneurs and in many counties across Europe and further afield, including the USA, Chile, India, Australia, Kazakhstan and New Zealand and helped to build Angel investment groups in Scotland, Latvia, Jordan, Russia and the Caribbean. He was European Angel of the Year in 2008, is a member of the investment committee for the British Governments £100 million UK Angel Co-investment fund and is tasked by the World Bank to develop Angel investing in developing regions. He has contributed to a number of recent publications including “Creating Angel Investor Groups: International Edition”, The World Bank, 2014 and “Angels without Boarders, Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investing Worldwide”, World Scientific, 2015.Awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion in 2015.

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