CivTech 4.0: Solve a Challenge, build a business – 19th June Glasgow, 20th June Edinburgh

As part of Digital Leaders Week 2019 two events are taking place on June 19th in Glasgow Tontine and June 20th in Edinburgh at the CivTech studio.

These engaging sessions offer an ideal setting for start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs to learn about the Scottish Government Digital Directorate’s award-winning CivTech® Programme and the launch of CivTech 4.0 Challenges on July 15th.

Come along to either event to see how you can solve a problem and build a business while delivering better, faster and easier public services.

Founder and Programme Head Alexander Holt will talk you through the distinctive CivTech process and launchpad to public sector innovation as well as key programme dates for the upcoming cycle. You will also hear from some of the talented companies who won contracts in previous cohorts, offering their insight into how they were funded to solve a challenge and build a successful business on the back of it.

Lastly, you will get a preview of the CivTech 4.0 Challenges! The full details will not be released yet, but you’ll get a flavour of the problem areas. For a full agenda, please see the event listing.