Business Models: Making it Concrete – 16th January 2019

This hands-on workshop will walk you through the steps of defining your business model to help you start and grow an investable business. The “Making it Concrete” workshop will give clarity to your idea and you’ll create a tangible, visual document that maps your business model in a single page. This is a chance to look at your business in depth, pulling out key features such as customers, costs and revenues and what makes your company stand out from the crowd. We’ll consider how to work out what your customers really want, how to gain buy-in and identify the riskiest parts of your business.

Case studies from real businesses will provide insight, we’ll share knowledge and experience and you’ll learn the art and science of building a successful venture. Benefit from individual advice and support on questions specific to your business idea from expert advisers and finish with an actionable plan.

Topics covered:

  • Lean Startup Approach
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Risks and Assumptions

Making it Concrete is part of a programme of events that will help prepare you for your investment journey.

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