Scottish Government Action Plan on European Engagement Update

The Scottish Government has published its latest update to the appendices to the Action Plan on European Engagement.   Appendix I provides information on Scottish Government activity over the previous six months under the Danish Presidency within our four priority areas of Energy and Climate Change; Marine Environment; Research and Creativity; and Freedom, Justice and Security (formerly Justice and Home Affairs).  Appendix II looks ahead at issues of importance to the Scottish Government during the Cyprus Presidency.

It should be noted that the Action Plan does not cover every item of legislation or policy currently being considered by the EU that is of interest, but aims to highlight those which the Scottish Government has identified as being key to Scotland. Therefore in addition to the policy areas mentioned in the appendices there will be legislative proposals in other areas of policy where we will engage directly with the EU and work closely with stakeholders and UK Government colleagues as required.

This update can be accessed on the Scottish Government website at: